This is my story ...

Learn about who I am, I discovered hashcash back in 2007 and was right away fascinated by its possibility, I started hashing everything and chaining hashes to secure my data, writing my story in this nerdy akashic record ! I timestamped my ideas and I was self signing my notes' hashes with a nonce that make them looks cool, then I was posting them on the wayback machine.
I love the fact of hashing a document and still write it's own hash in the "original". I guess I was mining in the blockchain without knowing it back then.

United as One, Divided by Zero

I always wanted to use my skills to serve humanity, address some of the corruption modern societies faces, so I started running public services for helping in my daily activism again injustice, abuse, violence. And I started to converge with one single point of societal failure: its monetary system. So I started designing electronic cash with anti*corruption build-in... I try to market it however, as a simple individual I do not have the reach for seeding a wide adoption. So I joined a team of (r)evolutionaries and now I don't have to do the marketing and can focus on the coding these really cool technologies. Check my blog to learn more about it !

Today my love for crypto is even stronger, and I launched with my key friends a business to help people design their own coins (token) for enabling their projects, bringing abundance. I also want to team up and work on the tokenization of BCH, so if this is something that might interest you : please let's chat (#bchtoken).

And if you need a coin for crowdfunding your business, I am your guy !

One stop solution for your ICO : contact me at

Also if you would like to participate in great projects check out our CERES*coin (#CERC) and the supported projects These are great way to make an impact and gradually change the world.

my vcard is available here : iglake.vcf, along with QRcodes

If you wish to contact me feel free to send an email to the uid in the public keyblock 0x6E09100A7E850B18

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